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You are now able to file your St. Charles County Personal Property assessment online. Electronic filing or e-filing allows you to file your personal property assessment using the internet, saving both time and return postage. Start by registering/creating your account, then search for your account using the "Account Lookup" in the upper right-hand corner. Please have your vehicle identification number (VIN) and mileage as of January 1st available when adding items.


Scott Shipman, County Assessor                               

To access your account, use the unique secure code printed on your personal property assessment form. To update your account simply follow the step-by-step instructions, review and submit. Property owners are requested to claim taxable personal property owned on January 1 of the tax year. The deadline for filing is March 1. Failure to comply with the statutory deadline shall result in a late assessment penalty up to $100.

Between March 1st and April 1st, the Assessor's Office shall send a 2nd notice to each taxpayer who was sent an assessment form for the current tax year, when the 1st form sent was not returned to the Assessor.  The 2nd form should be returned immediately to avoid a penalty.  If the taxpayer returns the assessment form before May 1st, late filing penalties shall not be applied.  If forms are not returned before May 1st, the penalty shall be applied.

Personal Property is defined as every tangible thing, subject to ownership or part ownership whether animate or inanimate, other than money, and not forming part of or permanently affixed to real property, but does not include household goods, furniture, wearing apparel and articles of personal use and adornment, owned and used by a person in their home. Vehicles, boats, farm equipment and livestock are examples of tangible personal property. 

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