Travis WelgeTravis Welge, County Assessor        

Welcome to our personal property e-filing website!

Electronic filing, or e-filing, allows you to file your St. Charles County Personal Property Assessment online—saving time and return postage. 

  • Access your account using your account number and unique access code printed on your personal property assessment form. 
  • To update your personal property assessment, simply follow the step-by-step instructions, review and submit. Please have your vehicle identification number (VIN) available when adding vehicles. 
  • Once you submit, you have officially filed your personal property assessment.
  • CLICK HERE to file your 2024 assessment.


Property owners are requested to claim taxable personal property owned on Jan. 1 of the tax year. The deadline for filing is March 1. Failure to comply with the statutory deadline shall result in a late assessment penalty up to $105.

Visit the Assessor’s website to learn more about personal property and the assessment process.

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